The Korean Wave


Since the early 1990s, a new star of global popular culture has emerged from the unlikeliest of places, South Korea. While traditionally it has been countries like Japan, Britain and the United States that have exported their popular culture, Korea has risen to be the front runner of Asia if not the world. The surge of popularity for South Korean music, television and style began in the 1990s with the production of many well-packaged and effectively marketed K-dramas and K-pop music. Korean popular media was quick to be embraced by other Asian countries gaining massive followings in China and other south and southeastern Asian countries. While the talent is due their share of credit, it would be wrong to ignore the massive role social media and social networking sites have played in t boom that became known as the Korean wave, sites such as YouTube became the ideal platform for K-pop to flourish.

While Korean television, film and style have all risen in popularity, it is certainly Koran pop music that has truly become a worldwide success. K-pop music is characterized by its strong audiovisual elements and although described as pop, touches on and draws upon a myriad of music genres from rock, hip-hop, jazz and any number of styles. K-pop has managed to gain a footing with western audiences due to the incorporation of foreign sounds and even English phrases with lyrics, with artists such as PSY managing to make it massive with foreign audiences. Despite a number of acts making it popular overseas, K-pops recruiting and training style for up and coming artists has garnered some criticism. Record labels are known to hold massive auditions where they sign young artists into binding contracts that has them live with other artists in a controlled environment where they spend many hours a day learning elements of music, dance and foreign languages. These labels are often known to have a considerable amount of control over the groups that are created with influence over what the sound like, what they sing and even what they are called. This corporate influence over the music is what perhaps has acted as the biggest hurdle in winning over western audiences who tend to place a significant value on the authenticity and personal expression in music.

Super Junior

That is not to say the K-pop has not thoroughly conquered the Asian market, in particular the massively popular group ‘Super Junior’, formed in 2005, have been names the top selling K-pop artist for years in a row. Consisting of thirteen members at their peak, ‘Super Junior’ has managed to rack up an impressive collection of accolades including thirteen awards at the Mnet Asian music awards, “Best Fandom” and “Best International Artist” at the Teen choice awards as well as possessing a massive and dedicated fan base.

While there is certainly still room to grown with Western audiences, K-Pop and South Korean popular media has become an incredible global phenomenon that continues to wow audiences from all walks of life.


Becoming Cosmopolitan


Cosmopolitanism is the ideology that we all belong to a single human community based upon a shared morality, we are all citizens of the world. While many modern day people may think that this simply means a cosmopolitan person is well travelled, this is only a small fragment of what it means to be cosmopolitan.

The concept describes a far deeper connection to and between cultures than merely travel can afford, rather it is an exercise of empathy, to be cliché, placing oneself in another’s shoes. This is not to say that travel cannot help achieve this but cosmopolitanism demands a sense of responsibility and acceptance that many people reserve only for their own cultures. A truly cosmopolitan person places the same value upon another’s culture as much as their own, neither is wholly better or worse than the other, engaging within that person a sense of responsibility to all peoples.

The key to becoming a cosmopolitan person is to immerse oneself in different cultures, to experience the world as they do, not just as a tourist; this is perhaps easier said than done. While limited time frames overseas or a less than abundant supply of international friends and family to immerse yourself with can make understanding a culture difficult, there is unique option that seemingly caters perfectly to the cosmopolitan traveler in training.

Volunteering abroad is an excellent way to gain insight to other cultures as most place a significant focus on cultural immersion. As a volunteer, you are exposed to culture like no one else, taking in the responsibilities of your host nation and actively contributing to building that culture up. Most organizations that develop volunteering projects place a great emphasis on the cultural experience and mostly house volunteers with a host family so that volunteers can truly live not as a tourist but as a citizen. This kind of close involvement with others not only provides world experience but also fosters relationships and interconnectedness with other cultures.

Volunteer Building project

Due to the nature of volunteering, you are often privy to the people and places that are in the greatest need of empathetic visitors who genuinely want to help. Typical projects involve caring for orphans and the elderly, teaching children, building schools, and providing medical care for those not as fortunate. Surrounded by such hardship it would certainly not be wrong or rare for a person to feel a sense of responsibility to do something to help.

While there are certainly no quick ways to become a cosmopolitan person, I would clearly argue that spending time as a volunteer is a good way to start the journey, cultivating an environment of acceptance, valuing of other cultures as well as a sense of responsibility to everyone, regardless of their culture or nation.

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There’s No Ethnoscaping Change


The concept of globalization is one that encompasses such a myriad of factors and influencers that it is quite difficult to describe it in a single piece. In order to circumvent this today I will be discussing only one dimension of global cultural flows, and perhaps the one that can be best understood in today’s political climate.

Ethnoscape describes the global movement of people, something that is occurring at every second of every day, whether it’s the immigration of foreign workers, tourists, refugees and even exiles. Ethnoscape presents the global community as fluid with a constant movement of people and culture rather than rigid and clearly defined sets of people in their nation states. While it would be false to say we do not separate cultures, it can be argued that the integration of and adoption of outside cultures is a trend that is growing and becoming more accepted. Nations such as Australia and the United States are examples of countries built by immigrants, with vast portions of their populations being either first or second generation, bringing with them their own cultures and traditions. That is not to say that these countries do not fight the movements of people every step of the way, immigration has and will likely always remain a major political issue, a fact that perhaps slows progression towards true multiculturalism.

There are a number of fears that crop up in the face of immigration, namely the stealing of jobs and the welfare burden immigrants, especially illegal ones place upon a nation, however recently, it is a fear of violence and terrorism that has fuelled anti-immigration sentiments. While I’m sure everyone is sick of hearing about Donald Trump he really is the perfect example to demonstrate the West’s resistance to the movement of peoples and foreign culture, so please forgive me.

Since his Presidential campaign, President Trump has pushed for the isolation of the United States from two cultures in particular, one being the Muslim community and the other being Americas biggest source of immigrant workers, Mexico. While in the past the threat of no jobs and their burden on welfare were the biggest talking points in the immigration debate, Trump chose a different line of reasoning and it is the same for both these groups despite their differences, fear, plain and simple. Trump has been quoted calling Mexican immigrants murderers and rapists, and equating any Muslim immigrant to the next ‘Boston Bomber’, this kind of rhetoric is aimed to foster a climate of fear and hatred that has allowed a civilized nation to take extreme steps to protect itself from that fear, a travel ban and a gigantic wall.

While these extreme and insane measures have been put in place it is worth noting that the US is still part of the global village, and while the Nation has gone to great lengths to halt the flow of people and culture it has surely failed. The travel ban has been blocked and the wall still isn’t up, showing you cant ‘ethnoscape’ the power of globalization.

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The Rise of the Cyber Celebrity

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The Internet Age has given rise to the “Cyber Celebrity”, every day people who have hit it big with online audiences. These people range from Facebook personas such as Gemma Sullivan who attract fans for her lets say entertaining everyday behavior, to full time video bloggers such as Charlie Schneider a personal favorite of mine. Schneider posts daily videos where he discuss’ popular television programs as well as movies and books. I personally regularly view his Game of Thrones videos where he has become so successful he gives away multiple Amazon Gift vouchers every week as a promotional give away. While not considered a “real” celebrity, Schneider’s YouTube channel “Emergency Awesome” has 1,277,018 subscribes with his videos regularly reaching upwards of a million views. I think that makes him a celebrity, if only a micro one.

Citizen Journalism and Policing the Police

There has been a unprecedented number of incidences of police brutality in America in recent years. Until recently, the police and law enforcement could operate with for all intensive purposes, with total impunity; this was before the rise of the smart phone. Now every innocent bystander might as well be a news crew. The Eric Garner case is just one of many examples of a bystander capturing police misconduct of a serious nature on film, creating the first effective method of policing the law itself. While this kind of footage makes it far easier to convict law enforcement personnel, very few of these kinds of cases ever get convictions, showing how far the warped justice system still has to come in America.

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Bombs Away, Remixing the Internet

Bombs away is a Australian EDM duo formed in Perth. The group consists of brothers Sketch (Matthew Ronald John Coleman) and Tommy Shades (Thomas Edward Hart Coleman) who were born on the Gold Coast but made the move to Perth in early adulthood. The brothers have had a string of hits, most notably their 2010 single “Big Booty Bitches” which kicked off a massive national tour. More interestingly, the duo regularly remixes viral videos such as the ‘Damn Daniel’ clip that blew up at the start of the year. These remixes have however landed the boys in some trouble after a remix of Donald Trump saying he loves China went viral and resulted in the Republican front runner to threaten legal action if the clip was not removed. It would seem the Donald isn’t a big fan of trap.

Game of Thrones everywhere I look

Game of Thrones is everywhere; I think you would literally have to trek through to the center of the Amazon before you could find people who haven’t heard of it. The franchise is spread across a myriad of platforms ranging from print media to console games to figurines. Beyond being an effort to increase the profits made from merchandising, these additional media forms in many cases serve to enhance the story beyond that which the show and books have. The Westoros history Novellas, comics and even the games all develop the lore and background of the universe of Game of Thrones in a way that a single linear form of story telling ever could. Take a look at all the stuff you can be filling your time with between episodes below!

Mass Production and the end of individuality


Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 3.15.56 PM.png

Is it still possible to be an individual in the world today? I mean we can try to be, we can spend hours walking around stores looking for that shirt that just has you written all over, but at the end of the day, that shirt is one of thousands if not millions exactly like it. Mass production has made it extremely difficult for anyone to truly be unique, in the grand scheme of things we have very little choice in what we buy, the options have been pre determined for us and we just pick the one we like the most and its not just clothes, it includes our phones, cars, computers, shoes and nearly everything else. That’s the trade off we accept, access and cost at the price of individuality.